Do your company drivers book their own vehicle services and repairs?
Do they pay with credit cards?
Do they use main franchised dealers?
Does the running of your company vehicles take up valuable resources within your business?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions then it is likely your fleet costs are far higher than they need to be!

UK Fleet Assist can take control of all your day to day vehicle operations to save you money and dramatically reduce the time involvement of your staff.

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Key Benefits

  • We will handle all your driver communications 24/7 through our UK based Call Centre
  • We will support all cars and commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes regardless if they are leased or owned by your company
  • We will handle all breakdowns and recoveries including manufacturers roadside and your own existing breakdown cover
  • We will manage all vehicle incidents and accidents including helping your driver at the scene, insurance claims and fast quality repairs
  • We will arrange and manage all vehicle servicing, maintenance and repairs ensuring your driver’s down time is minimised
  • We will arrange all tyres and punctures including 7 days a week and mobile fittings
  • We will manage all glass replacement and repairs including emergency fitting and insurance claims
  • We will arrange all vehicle hire, both short term and long term mini-lease
  • We will support all your drivers throughout the whole of the UK mainland using our quality accredited service network or your existing service providers
  • We will consoldiate all your fleet vehicle costs on individual invoices to ease processing time