UK FLEET MANAGER is an out-sourced ‘fleet manager’ facility that helps businesses to access the specialist experience and skills needed to run a successful business vehicle fleet, whilst enabling those SME companies to ‘punch above their weight’ by merging their small fleet into a much larger fleet.

Operating costs are reduced by higher discounts on labour and parts as well as many other services, and top quality fleet service helps to reduce the day to day challenges of running of a vehicle fleet.

Our services are made up of a number of individual products and services (modules) that allow a truly customised facility to be provided for the entire ‘whole life’ of a company vehicle.

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  1. To operate our client’s vehicles in the optimum way to save them money.
  2. To free-up our client’s time that they have been spending dealing with fleet issues.
  3. To ensure that our clients and their employees meet all applicable laws and regulations relating to vehicle fleets.
  4. To ensure that all fleet drivers are operating the vehicles safely in accordance with their company policy.
  5. To provide a level of personal service that is unmatched.