Every business has a Duty of Care to all drivers who use a vehicle in connection with that business; even if the vehicle is privately owned. It is vital to that Duty of Care that you make sure your drivers are legally compliant and have the necessary driving skills to minimise the chances of accidents.  This will not only protect you from possible prosecution, but can significantly reduce your fleet operating costs.

UK Fleet Manager will work with you to actively change your driver’s bad habits and reduce your overall fleet risk profile.

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Key Benefits

  • We will help you build a ‘best practice’ company driver handbook
  • We will check your driver’s Licences at DVLA to ensure you are up to date with the latest points score, if any
  • We will provide your driver with an online driving assessment so they can learn how to drive with more road awareness, and thus more safely
  • We can arrange a complete package of driver training modules from classroom to the driving seat with a professional driving assessor
  • We can help monitor your employees driving experiences through the use of Fleet Tracking and Dash Cams
  • We can provide regular risk management assessments of all your drivers to monitor progress and improvements
  • We can help you realise genuine savings through improved driving skills in terms of fuel cost reduction and lower insurance premiums